Social Media Marketing Traffic Tips For Adult Businesses

Just little over a decade ago, no one would have thought that most of the world would be hooked on online platforms that would let them share anything from phrases to pictures and videos, just expressing themselves. The idea of people sharing updates on their lives for others to see didn’t really seem like something that would catch on, much less with anyone over the age of 18, but here we are, in an era where ‘being social’ is directly linked to how active one is on social media.
Social media has now turned into one of the primary ways of marketing businesses and products, simply because it’s so much easier for content to go viral, at just a click of a button. Why spend thousands of dollars on a billboard teasing a huge reveal for an upcoming movie when you can literally just post it on social media and sit back while the audience does all the sharing? All the buzz you want to generate among users is done pretty much by themselves, it’s almost a self-sustaining way of marketing. Even the smallest bits of information can blow up and become incredibly popular, that’s how powerful social media is.

This is exactly why social media is a great way to generate traffic, for both adult and non-adult websites. Since millions of people use social media platforms every day, it’s basically the best place to increase visibility, without too much of an investment. It’s quite simple really, the more visible you are in a place with more people, the higher the chances are of being noticed. Think about it, a street performer will get more attention at Times Square than in a random neighborhood somewhere else. It’s the same principle.

The only catch is that the most used social media platforms aren’t too adult-content friendly, so you have to find other ways of advertising. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from such platforms, it only means that you have to carefully pick and choose what and how much content you post. Teasers, quizzes, opinions, polls, there are multiple ways to keep audiences engaged. As for the platforms that do allow adult content, you can go nuts!

Before we dive into the specifics of social media traffic generation methods for adult websites, it’s worth being aware of a couple of guidelines that hold true no matter what platform you’re looking at. These are things to keep in mind before you start off with all your promotion efforts. Think of it as the foundation upon which you’re laying your brand image.

Unique and High Quality Content

– This is a no brainer, but pretty much the most important aspect of all. Your foundation is built on content; without which you can’t even share anything. Users are always looking for new and unique content, so you have to make sure to not only post great content, but post it regularly. Both of those things aren’t supposed to be mutually exclusive though, a site with great content posted with huge gaps and a site with mediocre content posted regularly aren’t going to be popular by any means. It’s got to be both.

Active Profiles on All Major Networks

– Whether or not the social media platform is adult friendly, it always helps to have some sort of presence. Like we mentioned before, you can simply share mainstream content and link it back to your website, or even better, a blog. By offering more than competitors, you’re only doing yourself a favor.

Add Website URL

(Wherever possible) To All Social Media Accounts – This also might seem like something everyone would do, but the surprising truth is that it’s not really that widespread. A lot of brands and businesses assume that their name is enough for users. Even if they’re visible as the very first result on Google, hardly any users, if at all, will take the effort of searching for them. Just add your URL to the account, or the blog URL in case of non-adult friendly networks, and you’re good to go!

Don’t Always Toot Your Own Horn

– Not all content you share on social media platforms has to be self-promotion. Users are always looking for something that benefits them, so constant advertising can only bring you so much traffic. Now if you offer engaging content and build a relationship, users will keep coming back for more and share your posts because they’re offering value independently. More shares always help!

Must Know for Social Media Promotion

Connections Matter – Finally, among all these efforts of marketing and promotion, a lot of businesses and brands forget the very essence of social media, which is human sharing. What’s the point of being on a social media platform if all shares are only geared towards self-promotion like a billboard? Social media is all about engagement and connections, so you’d be wise to come off more like a human sharing posts and engaging with audiences rather than a cold and calculated machine which just shares posts praising the brand.

Now that you’ve got the basics set up and understood, it’s time to dive into how to actually generate traffic from social media! Here’s a couple of strategies we highly recommend you follow to get your adult website booming in no time. Note that not all points might apply to all networks, so you have to be perceptive of the kind of leeway you’re giving by each network.

The Best Ways to Generate Traffic from Social Media

Blogs are the Best!  Remember when we said how unique content and connections are really important in the social media promotion game? Blogs are the way to cater to both these priorities. Not only do they open up options for promotions on non-adult friendly networks, but also let you express yourself apart from self-promotion. A brand that looks to offer value other than promoting itself is a brand that will get more attention. Now, if you’re running an adult website, apart from sharing new content, if you share articles about say, natural aphrodisiacs, the life of a porn star, porn trends around the world and similar topics, you come off as a resource of information rather than a brand. That shift in perspective is paramount to your value. Good content can be shared everywhere, no matter the source. Plus, for social media networks that don’t allow you to post adult content, blog content is your ticket to sharing.

Social Media Ads

Ads on other websites or through affiliate marketing are of course great ways to generate traffic, but you can’t argue against the fact the most traffic is seen on social media platforms every day. Pretty much all major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer ways for you to advertise, after paying a certain amount. Your outreach can depend on your budget, so you can start small and scale up later. It’s not a primary way of promotion, but it’s a great technique you can include in your strategy.

Content Customization

Every network has a ‘thing’. Facebook is all about human interaction, Twitter is all about sharing in tidbits and Tumblr is all about visual content. Understanding what each network’s user values will definitely help you generate more traffic. When creating content, if you keep this in mind and create according to the end user, there’s far more chances of being noticed. Visual content is always highly regarded, so make sure you do include pictures and media without it being an overload. The simple and somewhat harsh truth is that not everyone has the time and patience to read a wall of text, so pictures and artwork are great ways to express yourself.

Hashtags and You

While hashtags are most closely associated with Twitter, they’re actually now popular even on Facebook. Cleverly hashtagged content, done according to trends and not by going overboard, can help your content reach the right users. It’s no secret that concentrated marketing is a great approach, and proper hashtags help you do so. Content Sharing Schedules
Another fairly big mistake a lot of brands and businesses make is single sharing content. Unlike RSS feeds, not every user sees all content posted because of their usage patterns. If a user logs in once in 2 days and you share content every 12 hours, there’s a high chance they’d miss some great stuff simply because they’re not online. There’s merit in sharing content more than once, in proper intervals, alternating between networks, and with different hook texts or calls to action. Just don’t spam, and you’re golden.

High Conversion Keywords 

In the world of SEO, using the most popular keywords might not be the best approach because of competition, but in social media, using high conversion and high popularity keywords can fetch you more visibility. It’s important to be relevant and visible, which can only be done using proper keywords. Spend some time researching the most popular keywords according to your niche and use them regularly while sharing, and add to it specific content keywords.
So there you have it, ways to generate huge traffic from social media platforms, for adult websites! Just keep in mind that these strategies require time and effort to pay dividends, so don’t give up after trying them only for a month or so. Also, apart from this, make sure your website is both SEO and social media friendly, with easy sharing and social media embedding, it will help you in the long run!

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